Wroclaw! Thank you very much for creating a new level of brutality last night! We will be back in Poland, this summer on June 5 at Peron 5 in Szczecin! Photo Credit: Agata Cykof

INSBRUCK! Die totale Zerstörung findet heute Abend in der MUSIC HALL Innsbruck statt. Mit dabei sind drei der besten Bands aus Österreich: Insanity Alert, BLACK INHALE und Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench! Türen öffnen um 18 Uhr. Showstart Kreator: 22 Uhr See you in the pit!

Thank you Florida! What a crazy night that was. Tomorrow will be the last show of the US tour. We will be in Atlanta. Stage time: 8. 30 pm. Can’t wait to see you in the pit!

Thank you for this amazing night, Raleigh NC. You absolutelly killed it! Next stop: Jacksonville. This is a special show, Kreator only with some of Florida`s finest bands. Also, this is our first show in Jackssonville since 1991! Can`t wait to see you all in the pit!

Silver Springs! This was one of the most energetic shows of the whole tour! Thank you. WE WILL RETURN. Raleigh! Tonight we return to Ritz Raleigh and we expect the show to be nothing but a total massacre! Stage time is 8pm. See you in the pit! #sabaton #cyhra #metal #ustour #kreator

Toronto! What a night of pure violence. Thank you, WE WILL RETURN! The question is: Will there be a more brutal massacre in Montreal? Stage time 8.30 pm. #kreator #metal #sabaton #cyhra #tourlife #torontovsmontreal #circlepits

#tbt #throwback #kreator #kreatorremastered #causeforconflict Outcast: Mille Petrozza, Jürgen Reil, Christian Giesler & Tommy Vetterli Coma Of Souls, Renewal, Cause For Conflict, Outcast. All remastered. Out on February 23. Preorder here:

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