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Oct 07 2014

Kreator - European Tour trailer online

European - Tour trailer online!!!

We've uploaded a tour-trailer for our European tour starting on November, 26 in Lyon, France.

To get you right in the mood for this winter´s mega-event simply watch here:

The tour is a must-see for all metal fans, among KREATOR there´ll be ARCH ENEMY as special guest on the whole tour plus SODOM and VADER (in Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland); HELL (in Spain and France), MARTY FRIEDMAN + SHINING (United Kingdom) and NOTHNEGAL (Spain, France, United Kingdom)

Since the band´s concerts have been rather scarce on European soil recently, this is going to be an opportunity that many fans have been waiting for eagerly. KREATOR Frontman Mille comments:
"Many of our European fans have expressed their displeasure about the fact that the band - besides of some festival appearances - has played relatively seldom in Europe.
In 2013 we have primarily taken care of our fans overseas. Now we would like to change that: 
Right on time for the re-release of "ENDLESS PAIN", "PLEASURE TO KILL" and "EXTREME AGGRESSION" in all possible formats -. even on vinyl (!) - we are going to complete the tour cycle for PHANTOM ANTICHRIST with a rich concert tour in Europe. This will be the last opportunity to see KREATOR in the context of a hall tour for a long time because we are going to work on our new album and play only a few selected concerts in 2015. We are already full swing working on a a brand new multimedia stage show, plus we are going to have a several surprises in the upcoming setlist. Again we are going to be accompanied by our friends of ARCH ENEMY, who will present their new album "War Eternal", VADER are going to be with us too, as well as our old companions of SODOM. This tour is gonna to be the ultimate hammer!!"

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