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Any professional musicians here?
Posted: 03 March 2012 11:32 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 31 ]
Son Of Evil
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  Yes,he is rgiht man.Gothenburg is a city in Sweden,and this term comes from there.In fact not just there,bands in Sweden and Finland had started to make riffs with more melodies,then this had became an act and moved around Gothenburg.That’s why they say Gothenburg Riffs.
  As musical it means more melodies in riffs.Not like two guitar both play classic distortion guitar riff,but one of them generally plays like a lead guitar with melodies.It’s simple way to do it.And as Sami is Finnish,he is also good that melodic view of music.But I think he is a great musician because he also plays Sitar.Sitar is a Pers instrument and cultures like Persian or most of the east use “Harmonic Minor” in their folk music.“Harmonic Minor” is the one of the most melodic scales in the music.So playing Sitar,Sami got a great control on this scales and with his guitar playing style he can use lot of scales in a solo or song itself.Sometimes he starts
a solo with Pentatonic Scale then ends solo with Harmonic Minor.He is great man!! And also guitarists before him are also really good ones,especially Endorama has lot of melodic elements.



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