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Heavier and better. I love the original but this is a little better

Hey,come on now! Heavier? Yes. Better? Definitely NOT! The original TNOTB is a song that’s written in pure gold in the book of heavy metal history. This is just a cover of that brilliant song. A very good cover indeed,but JUST a cover!

Maiden is the original. And that Number of the beast is also one my favorite songs. But the Kreator Number of the beast I THINK is better…The best Maiden song i think is Wasted years .or stranger in a strange land.or Heaven can wait or Somewhere in time


Different ppl different tastes…..

BTW “pure blitzkrieg”  *rolleyes*
This WWII terminology will stick on german asses forever I guess.
Wonder how anybody could think this terminology is cool.
Different ppl…....


we’ll only be rembered for what we create

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