KREATOR TERRORZONE - Complete overhaul
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Posted: 18 March 2014 04:20 PM  
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Long time no read, my dear antichrists! ;)
Sorry for not being online for a long time, but we were busy with the band itself and with some other private work we also have. That will change in the near future, that’s for sure!

The Kreator Terrorshop is in good hands now (thanks to CottonControl). That doesn’t mean that we will stop improving the shop, adding items and stuff. There is a lot more coming in the near future.

As for the Kreator Terrorzone, the message board and the Fan Club we have great stuff coming up.
The Terrorzone will be updated with new technologies and a new framework, making it finally responsive and mobile. Some new feature will be added too. A complete redesign will not happen before the next release, which is coming…. Surprise, we don’t know yet but we will ask the band as soon as possible! ;)
As some of you already have noticed, Kreator are at Instagram now. Follow us at Instagram here!.

Now the slightly bigger news.
The message board and the fan club will be completely overhauled in the next months (or weeks). We have some new very talented guys in the Kreator crew,  that will help us and me, doing it.
We will reactivate the “Kreator Inner Circle” domain, the fansite and the board. It will be separated from the Kreator Terrorzone, will have his own login/register and his own small Terrorzone inside the fan club.
Everything Kreator related, video, audio, pictures, raffles, etc. will first be in the fan club and after a certain time, at the Terrorzone. We will have a lot of exclusive content in the near future. We’re preparing some amazing stuff for you guys!
We have also prepared a new package for all the “Inner-Circle”-members and all the upcoming “Inner-Circle”-members!

But this also means, that we, once again, have to move the board and (hopefully) all the content to the new site when it’s ready. We will do our best to move every single bit of the board to our new site!

Everything will start in a few weeks! We will let you know! More information coming in the next weeks!

It will be huge!



The Boss here!